Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So the Rhoda

Oh my. Today I realized a la Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion that I am indeed the Rhoda.

Yes Rhoda is not all that bad but Mary takes center stage. Oh my gosh. I've gotten old. I have lines. And flab. I want to hide behind the Marys of the world.

When I went to get my grey hairs covered a few days ago I was the only woman at salon not engaging in a  simultaneous ristalyne party but goodness knows I should have. Marionette lines. Small tired eyes. Major lines in forehead. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's good to be......

I'd give credit to photog if I could remember it - sorry. This lovely has lived in my computer for quite sometime.

This lady Kills it. The older I get the more I want to fashion self as an old European woman. I think I have grown so out of style as I can't afford to keep up on the "in". Plus my size just doesn't work with the skinny jeans/jeggings of the past seasons.

Sigh. I need a makeover.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Jungle Effect

I'm dedicating the rest of my life to natural health. I've done all the excercise and official dieting I can muster:  personal trainers, killer boot camps, running half marathons, low carb, Weight Watchers, Cleanse, no animals, no dairy, Slim Fast and on and on.
Done with it.
I'm going native. I'm going basic. I'm going simple healthy.

I started reading the following book:

It's common sense but it's a good reminder that Western "civilized" people eat so much processed altered tweaked food....a wonder we have such a health crisis on our hands: obesity, depression, etc.

A great point so far is that people complain that they dont have the time to plan for and prepare healthy food and I'm very guilty of this lament myself as I'm often so stinkin' TIRED!  But the amount of time spent caring for your failed body is even more consuming.

All in perspective people.

The fam might actually be happy that they get a "real" dinner as Lukas calls it. Jason will be happier too as he gets a little bent when I haven't been a good hausfrau and prepped a nice din din.

Looking forward to embracing a healthier me.

Later I will share some more jungle inspiration from my wonderful photography book Natural Fashion, Tribal Decoration from Africa by Hans Silvester. It's brilliant!! It's Natural!! It's good. Hopefully all the healthy food will be too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monkey Mind

I have monkey mind - Buddhist term for endless chatter inside the skull that makes it hard to focus.
The bouncing thoughts and chatter makes my life exhausting I tell ya! This mind o' mine is always on forethought mode - planning what needs to be done next, what to do, where I have to be, etc.

My goal for this Winter: Relax. Deep cleansing breaths.....let the taming begin.

This guy has relax down pat. His monkey mind is tame.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in my cart

I waste a considerable amount of time drooling at Etsy while drinking my morning coffee. Currently these are all the pretty, deliciously vintage items I crave:

A girly gown to don while flitting about house.

Glam Poodle Apron

Funky Indian Lake Print Dress - Tahoe Perfection

Tablecloth for my Gypsy Caravan

Cushion for Gypsy Caravan

Coordinating cushion for  Gypsy Caravan

Sparkly Flowers

A Velvet Gown to attend the Theater Dahling

A thought for the frazzled

"Lend yourself to others, but give yourself to yourself."
 - Michel de Montaigne (French Philosopher 1533-1592)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreaming of studying: Italy

Taking a conversational Italian class sounds fun in theory. Odd thing is that I am for some reason mentally challenged when it comes to learning numbers past 100 and telling time in military style. The instructor wants us really to learn this. So here I am at a stalemate. Class in 1.5 hours. I try to studio but instead start perusing Flickr for photos Italia:

I'm figuring I can bomb the test, feel the hot rush of shame, and move on in hopes that I'll learn more important things after yet another epic fail. No mi piace quiz.
We don't go to Italy until Summer 2011. I'll get it by then....maybe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrinkle Press Knee High Socks

Wrinkle Press Knee High Socks

Cutest! I love socks but for some reason all mine disappear unless printed or ruched etc. as my children wear the same size as their mama. These will be mine. They'd look cute on Morgan so maybe just maybe I'll get her a pair too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fugtastic? Fugly?

And I go on and on about leopard.
Now what do we make of these: the Jimmy Choo Ugg hybrid. $595.

 Dang. I'm not sure what to think actually as my instinct say love as it's leopard and it's a shoe but I have to now view all potential purchases in terms of how many books would that be for college (less than a year away for Morgan and my guess is $595 would buy at least 3 books). Because these are way overpriced and knowledge is power and fashion is fleeting and fickle, and in this case a bit tacky, I will deem these FUGLY - as in the website www:

Go check out/chuckle at the others at UGG website....and after that, put aside $ for books.

Wear the old coat and buy the new book. Austin Phelps.
(But for college, buy used books if just makes $ense)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ghosts of the Glamour Age

The other night I watched Some Like it Hot.
Now this is odd I realize, but I snapped pictures of screen here and there as I wanted to post a Tony Curtis tribute. (I discovered that viewing a movie with long lens of camera is even better than with glasses! )Wow I must be getting old. Anyway... I dig this picture: I realize its pixelated and blue but I find it almost arty in that really it could  be a photo on canvas....just sayin. I dig it.

Here is my other fave - Marilyn (Sugar Kane) stating that she's not so bright:

And now some of Tony:

I find it sad when the actors and actresses of the Golden Age (which technically is the 30s - 40s but I think the 50s are dreamy too) pass on. They are relics from the time of true beauty as captured by MGM.

Trivia: Do you know why this movie was filmed in black and white despite it being 1959? The director Billy Wilder wanted to play down the garishness of the leading actors' makeup. Who knew?!

Well that's all for now. Now here's wishing our world would be a little more Glam.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As part of mission new leaf...I want to bob my hair.

Changing leaves in my own yard. They know it's Fall. How come Mother Nature's weather division does not?!

So with the change of season, I feel it may be time for a change on the head. I've been growing out my Limpy locks (the opposite of Goldie locks) and I think I'm looking like one of those women foolishly trying to hang onto their girlish long hair. Women with lush hair can pull it off. I of the thin scraggy tresses can not.

Morgan says don't as I'll freak out. I however think I must soldier on with my mission. I'm thinking a Tori Spelling (though I detest her but like her hair) type style but just right above shoulders so I can curl it into a cute flapper bob. Bangs or no bangs? Layers no layers? A bob can go so wrong so quickly....

I bought a magazine showing bobs aplenty and will get right on an inspiration board for the quest for perfect, non frumpy hair.

Any ideas or input greatly appreciated.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to turn over a new leaf.

It's now officially Fall and I am in the mood to nest and plan and create and decorate. I want to carefully log all my current inspirations and crafty outcomes. For this, I'm toying with jumping from tumblr to Blogspot. So I'm testing it and so far it seems easier and cleaner.

On the immediate agenda of Fall leaf turning...plan Halloweekend festivites and begin to decorate.

Above is my inspiration for this year's Halloween Costume. Corset? Check! Flowers....uhhh not yet. Makeup....need to go to MAC for a whiter shade o pale.  Must get busy!

Tomorrow's mission towards a Fallier feel? (Since it was 90 today, it oddly feels like Summer) Break out the Fall decor boxes!!! Will also troll Etsy as I'm certain there is a crafty someone out there that makes satin flowers just for people who want Day o' the Dead costumes like above.

So with that, I shall retire, while visions of pumpkins dance in my head.