Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As part of mission new leaf...I want to bob my hair.

Changing leaves in my own yard. They know it's Fall. How come Mother Nature's weather division does not?!

So with the change of season, I feel it may be time for a change on the head. I've been growing out my Limpy locks (the opposite of Goldie locks) and I think I'm looking like one of those women foolishly trying to hang onto their girlish long hair. Women with lush hair can pull it off. I of the thin scraggy tresses can not.

Morgan says don't as I'll freak out. I however think I must soldier on with my mission. I'm thinking a Tori Spelling (though I detest her but like her hair) type style but just right above shoulders so I can curl it into a cute flapper bob. Bangs or no bangs? Layers no layers? A bob can go so wrong so quickly....

I bought a magazine showing bobs aplenty and will get right on an inspiration board for the quest for perfect, non frumpy hair.

Any ideas or input greatly appreciated.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to turn over a new leaf.

It's now officially Fall and I am in the mood to nest and plan and create and decorate. I want to carefully log all my current inspirations and crafty outcomes. For this, I'm toying with jumping from tumblr to Blogspot. So I'm testing it and so far it seems easier and cleaner.

On the immediate agenda of Fall leaf turning...plan Halloweekend festivites and begin to decorate.

Above is my inspiration for this year's Halloween Costume. Corset? Check! Flowers....uhhh not yet. Makeup....need to go to MAC for a whiter shade o pale.  Must get busy!

Tomorrow's mission towards a Fallier feel? (Since it was 90 today, it oddly feels like Summer) Break out the Fall decor boxes!!! Will also troll Etsy as I'm certain there is a crafty someone out there that makes satin flowers just for people who want Day o' the Dead costumes like above.

So with that, I shall retire, while visions of pumpkins dance in my head.