Monday, January 10, 2011

Chanel hits a low

Had a lovely weekend in San Francisco! Went to cheer on the Nevada boys at the Kraft bowl but we did some serious shopping the day before.  I make it my mission while in the city to oggle and fondle as many "designer" duds as possible. I tried on Prada, Carolina Herrera, Burberry, & Oscar to name a few. I stroked the Dolce and Dior as well!

The point of my ramblings is that when I made my mandatory pilgrimage to Chanel, I was seriously confused : was I in a mid 80's timewarp? Bleach splashed faded jeans? EWWWW. The saleslady told us that it was inspired by St. Tropez - really? Who are they fooling? The Gossip Girl crowd likes this??

Really, nothing there I wanted to touch or swoon over. Shoes only so so, (quilted purses pretty yes, but not my thing as I'm rough on my bags. I'm a clothes horse for certain.).

Really I think Mr. Lagerfeld needs to eat more as his brain might be rotting away, leading to misjudging what is beautiful.

Oh Coco would be disgusted.
one of the looks....ick