Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ghosts of the Glamour Age

The other night I watched Some Like it Hot.
Now this is odd I realize, but I snapped pictures of screen here and there as I wanted to post a Tony Curtis tribute. (I discovered that viewing a movie with long lens of camera is even better than with glasses! )Wow I must be getting old. Anyway... I dig this picture: I realize its pixelated and blue but I find it almost arty in that really it could  be a photo on canvas....just sayin. I dig it.

Here is my other fave - Marilyn (Sugar Kane) stating that she's not so bright:

And now some of Tony:

I find it sad when the actors and actresses of the Golden Age (which technically is the 30s - 40s but I think the 50s are dreamy too) pass on. They are relics from the time of true beauty as captured by MGM.

Trivia: Do you know why this movie was filmed in black and white despite it being 1959? The director Billy Wilder wanted to play down the garishness of the leading actors' makeup. Who knew?!

Well that's all for now. Now here's wishing our world would be a little more Glam.

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